Let’s Get Drinks…Maybe?

Because it’s Wednesday and it’s snowing buckets outside my window and I couldn’t focus on a real blog post if I wanted to, I’m going to share something with you that was a good mid-week laugh. And I can relate to it 100 percent. It’s because I’m the worst. Why? Read on…

The New Yorker: Let’s Get Drinks

Take Away: Scheduling personal life things is a big downfall for me. I forget. Work late. Or simply just don’t want to be around other humans. And I know I’m not the only one. My point? Sometimes things come up. But, try to make plans and keep them. It’s a novel idea, right? Don’t be like the iceberg that sunk the Titantic while simultaneously killing off Matthew on Downton Abbey (spoiler alert if you’re not up with the times?) and removing the carnitas from Chipotle and ruining everything. Because that is actually the worst.


Valentine’s Day Deliveries

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I have happy memories of making “mailboxes” for my desk in elementary school and handing out Lisa Frank Valentine’s greetings to all of my classmates. Single or not, Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to tell the people you love just that. And all of the red and pink hearts add a little sparkle to what can be an otherwise dreary month.  That, combined with my ongoing love affair with stationery, makes for a good excuse to deliver Valentines to all the love bugs in my life. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites below so you can spread some love next month too!


1. If you’re going to be this mushy at least be self aware enough to realize that it can be vomit inducing. This card is perfect for all of you with feelings. And a sense of humor. Check it out on Pin Wheel Print Shop’s Etsy page.

2. This card from Dark Room and Dearly is dino-mite. Yep, I went there. Perfect for all of your dinosaur-loving (read: hipster) friends and their significant others.

3. Thanks to LissaLoo Stationary for capturing my awkward internal dialogue and putting it on nice paper. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I really do like this card. Like, a lot a lot.

4. A dear friend, and fellow carb-lover, gave me this Valentine from PaperSource last year and it was perfect. Send this to that special someone that knows your bagel order as well as they know their own.

5. This Sweet Peony Press card is simple, beautiful, and straight to the point. They also have great prints if you’re looking for a little something extra for your boo thang this year.

6. I obviously had to include the “I’m donuts about you” cards from PaperSource! The best thing about these valentines, aside from their donut theme, is that they come in a set of 10 so you can send them to all of your best guys and gals.

If you’re feeling crafty, there’s really nothing like a homemade Valentine’s greeting. But if you’re feeling crafty and short on time, check out this Valentine Rocket Kit, which is too cute.

Sending lots of Valentine’s cheer your way!


Winter Won’t Win

bb, kp, and I are all currently participating in a “Winter Won’t Win” challenge, which means that we have each committed to walking or running 100 miles in the month of January. That’s an average of 3.23 miles each day. Seems achievable enough until you miss one day and the next day’s goal suddenly becomes 6.45 miles. Or god forbid you miss two days and now you’re looking at an almost 10 mile day in order to catch up. One of the keys to this challenge is obviously consistency but getting yourself to the gym in this miserable weather with 5:09 PM sunsets is not easy. So here are a few tips to help you get your tail to the gym this winter.

1. Pack your gym bag the night before. This is a must for me. If my bag isn’t packed and ready to go before I go to sleep, I’m about half as likely to make an appearance on the treadmill the following day. Don’t feel like lugging an entire bag around? Try this neat trick from PureWow.

2. Make gym dates. Being accountable to someone besides yourself not only helps get you into the gym, it also makes workouts considerably more enjoyable. And the right gym partner can push you to push yourself a little harder. Send a Google invite for a Saturday-morning spin class to a friend today. Even better, follow spin with a mimosa. Or three.

3. Get some new swag. Is it time to replace your tired tennis shoes? Still wearing a sports bra that you’ve had since high school? (guilty). Now is the time to upgrade! Having some fresh new pieces to rock at the gym will make the experience more enjoyable and I’m 90% sure that I run faster in anything neon.

4. Upgrade your playlist. Confession: I still listen to “Money Maker” by Ludacris on repeat when I run. That song was released in 2006. 2006! I was still in college. And a much better runner. Regardless, it’s definitely time to upgrade my playlist. My almost-nine-year-old niece recommended Meghan Trainor’s new album, which was right on. It’s upbeat and just the right tempo for my runs  jogs. Thanks, Anna! What songs do you have on your playlist?

Do you have any other suggestions for staying in a gym routine during these winter months? Go get ’em, tigers.


just do it

Thanks for the image, PopSugar.

Currently obsessed with

EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm in sweet mint.

Hello my name is Meghan and I’m addicted to lip balm. At any given time, I have four options in my handbag alone. However, I’ve been making a concerted effort not to buy any new ones after organizing my beauty supplies and coming to the realization that I have enough lip product to last me well into the next century. So imagine my delight when I recently got this EOS lip balm in a goody bag at an event. I had not tried EOS before, but now I’m hooked! It applies smoothly, leaves my lips super soft, and tastes the most delicious. Plus it’s a steal at $3.29. What more can you ask for? As a self-professed lip balm expert, I give the EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm in sweet mint two thumbs up.



So this is the new year

Welcome to 2015! We at donuts&denim have spent the last two weeks scattered across the country, spending as much time as possible with family and friends. We hope you were cozied up with the ones you love, too.

We’ve returned from the holiday lull with all of the temporary vigor that comes with the new year, queueing up brand new material left and right in a nicotine patch and kale smoothie fueled blog binge–our first attempts at attaining our New Year’s resolutions.

In all seriousness, New Year’s Day holds a new appeal as I get older (maybe because I’m not hungover?). So many untapped possibilities! So many juice cleanses! So many opportunities to fall short on resolutions! (sidebar: WILL I EVER DO A PULL-UP???) Despite the fact that my failure to success ratio is hovering around 3:1, I always like to make a few resolutions anyway, so here are mine for 2015:

  1. Apply for my dream job. I hope you’re reading this, ESPN.
  2. Actually do a pull-up. (Backup: give up diet soda.)
  3. Go on a spontaneous adventure. Yes, I am planning to be more spontaneous this year. The irony is not lost on me.


While I admire kp’s neat and tidy list of resolutions, that particular approach has never worked for me. Maybe it’s because I’m always trying to lose just five more pounds or brush up on my French but a new year’s to-do list hasn’t cut it in the past. Last year, however, one of the wisest people I know suggested that I pick a word for the year. Just one word that I could focus on in every aspect of my life. In 2014 that word was reciprocity – getting out of something exactly what I put into it – and it worked! 2014 was not only a year of reciprocity, but also a year of major life changes


Thanks to Steph at Sparkle.Pounce. for this lovely sketch.


So this year I’m focusing on constancy. That’s not to say I won’t be looking for adventure around every corner but I will strive to be steadfast and devoted to several areas of my life including my health and fitness goals, continuing to make my house a home, maintaining those relationships that are most important to me, and developing professionally. Here’s to making 2015 a year full of constancy, love, and happiness.


Editor’s note: bb isn’t big on new year’s resolutions. probably because she’s too busy killing it 24/7/365. Also she’s not sure constancy is a word.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?





Workout Wednesday

Look like a pro in front of the New Year’s resolution gym virgins this year. Or if you are a New Year’s resolution gym virgin, look like a pro in front of the regulars! Find an open corner of the weight room and go wild with this one- I like to call it Crazy Eights. Eight rounds, eight exercises, eight reps. With each round decrease the number of reps by one (second round is seven reps, third round is six reps, etc.). You can use this choreography with any exercises, but this combo will get you good and sweaty:

  1. Plank ups 
  2. Dumbbell sumo deadlift (She is using a teensy weight in the link, but you can go pretty heavy with this once you get the form right. Try to use 40-50% of your body weight!)
  3. Stability ball dumbbell pullovers
  4. Stability ball wall squats
  5. Dumbbell plank rows
  6. Overhead walking lunges
  7. V-ups
  8. Burpees!

Now go!


Currently obsessed with

TwoDots! Christmas is over, the skies are grey, and I’m 90% sure that I broke my toe this morning. But do not fear, TwoDots is here! I recently (yesterday) discovered this game and can’t stop playing. The idea is simple – just connect the dots – but the game is inexplicably fun. Not to mention it has the cutest darn graphics I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for an easy way to entertain yourself during your daily commute, look no further. But don’t say you weren’t warned–the likelihood of being obsessed with TwoDots is high. Happy dotting?


two dot

Have you seen cuter mobile-game graphics? Doubt it.