Postage for Pops

I’m having a hard time processing the fact that it’s June. And that it’s almost the third Sunday in June, i.e. Father’s Day, which falls on the 21st this year. So, if you’re like me, you probably haven’t bought the important men in your life cards yet. I’ve done us all a favor and picked a few of the best for all of your dads, granddads, stepdads, baby daddies, etc. And trust me, I spent about 4,823 hours reading about the National Stationary Show on Oh So Beautiful Paper so these really are the crème de la crème.

fathers day

1. This Anchor card from hello! Lucky letterpress is perfect for the man in your life who keeps you grounded and, if you’re lucky, takes you on sunset cruises around the lake. Or sea for you non-Michiganders.

2. For the outdoorsy dads, I like Idlewood Co’s “Dad is so Fly” card, which is masculine but pretty at the same time.

3. I didn’t have a hamster but I did have a gerbil named Jenny who used to “escape” at least once a week and each rescue mission was more daunting than the last. For all the dads who had to lead such harrowing expeditions, or deal with less than ideal boyfriends, this Emily McDowell Studio card is for you.

4. Playing cards, especially the game of Euchre, was always a part of my family gatherings. Maybe that’s why I love this France’s Lab card so much but it’s also simple and sweet and great for all the card shark dads out there.

5. When I was making this list I realized that I’m at an age where a lot, and I mean a lot, of my friends are having babies. On purpose. So I needed a card for those of you who are married to dads. It’s a concept I’m still adjusting to but this was my favorite because wanting to make a person with another person is the biggest compliment you can give them. Thanks, laLa Grace for summing it up with gold foil.

Cheers to all the dads out there, especially mine. I wouldn’t be who I am today without your support. Have the happiest Father’s Day and don’t forget to check your mail!


Best. Present. Ever.

With one day to go until Christmas we here at donuts&denim took a moment to reflect on our best. present. ever. It may have turned into a contentious conversation about the superior American Girl doll but we hope you enjoy our list and it takes you back to happy memories of Christmases past.


Samantha came into my life one Christmas morning in late elementary school. And things haven’t been the same since. What’s not to like about Samantha? She is clearly the best American Girl doll in all the land. She had great hair (I use this in the past tense because I destroyed my doll’s hair). Amazing clothes – I mean a plaid cape and fur hat/muff? Please! Plus she was smart, a little bit mischievous, and happy – despite being an orphan and trying to constantly please that old Grandmary. I took her to church with me, had tea parties, and even made her tons of new hair bows. We will always be the best of friends. Thanks, Mom and Dad!



While I have to respectfully disagree that Samantha was the best American Girl Doll (that was Molly, #duh), I will agree that it was an AWESOME Christmas present. It wasn’t my best ever though. I received my all-time favorite gift was when I was 10 years old. Very early that morning, while it was still dark outside, I heard my mom coming upstairs. I then heard a thud and a yelp. Moments later, I was fully awakened by puppy kisses. Despite the tumble on the stairs, my best Christmas present ever – Murphy the West Highland White Terrier – was alive and well. I had been asking for a dog for as long as I could remember and that spunky pup instantly became my very best, furry friend for the next 14 years. Getting a puppy on Christmas morning really is as magical as it sounds.



Circa 1997. A dog selfie before selfies were even a thing. I told you he was my best friend. 


I think I was about 8 when I got my Barbie Dream House, which was very necessary as my approximately 200 Barbies had been homeless up until that point. Man, I loved that thing. I spent more time decorating and redecorating the house than I spent actually playing with Barbies.

Point of clarification- everyone knows that Felicity was the best American Girl Doll. She was a true patriot and helped set the course of American history with her brave actions at the onset of the Revolutionary War. Between my sister and I, we have all of the original American Girl dolls – Felicity (2), Kirsten, Samantha, Molly – as well as later additions Addy, Josefina, and the Girl of Today (2). Please let me know if you’re interested in purchasing.

What was your favorite holiday present? We hope that Santa brings you all that you wished for!


Lest you think we don’t take our American Girl dolls seriously, this gchat conversation immediately followed my addition to this post: