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Unroll.Me. Last week during our monthly meeting of the minds, more commonly referred to as the Maple and Wine book club, our hostess mentioned Unroll.Me. This web service identifies all of your subscription emails, lists them in alphabetical order, and allows you to unsubscribe from any of them with just one click.

I have been on an “unsubscribe” kick since the new year in an effort to clean out my inbox and generally simplify my life but doing so takes time and is not easily done on an iPhone. Unroll.Me on the other hand makes this process super easy. When I signed up this morning, I had 199 subscription emails. Less than five minutes later I was down to 101 emails consisting of only the most essential¬†home decor and travel updates.¬†I highly suggest you give Unroll.Me a try if you too are trying to streamline your e-life.