Postage for Pops

I’m having a hard time processing the fact that it’s June. And that it’s almost the third Sunday in June, i.e. Father’s Day, which falls on the 21st this year. So, if you’re like me, you probably haven’t bought the important men in your life cards yet. I’ve done us all a favor and picked a few of the best for all of your dads, granddads, stepdads, baby daddies, etc. And trust me, I spent about 4,823 hours reading about the National Stationary Show on Oh So Beautiful Paper so these really are the crème de la crème.

fathers day

1. This Anchor card from hello! Lucky letterpress is perfect for the man in your life who keeps you grounded and, if you’re lucky, takes you on sunset cruises around the lake. Or sea for you non-Michiganders.

2. For the outdoorsy dads, I like Idlewood Co’s “Dad is so Fly” card, which is masculine but pretty at the same time.

3. I didn’t have a hamster but I did have a gerbil named Jenny who used to “escape” at least once a week and each rescue mission was more daunting than the last. For all the dads who had to lead such harrowing expeditions, or deal with less than ideal boyfriends, this Emily McDowell Studio card is for you.

4. Playing cards, especially the game of Euchre, was always a part of my family gatherings. Maybe that’s why I love this France’s Lab card so much but it’s also simple and sweet and great for all the card shark dads out there.

5. When I was making this list I realized that I’m at an age where a lot, and I mean a lot, of my friends are having babies. On purpose. So I needed a card for those of you who are married to dads. It’s a concept I’m still adjusting to but this was my favorite because wanting to make a person with another person is the biggest compliment you can give them. Thanks, laLa Grace for summing it up with gold foil.

Cheers to all the dads out there, especially mine. I wouldn’t be who I am today without your support. Have the happiest Father’s Day and don’t forget to check your mail!


Valentine’s Day Deliveries

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I have happy memories of making “mailboxes” for my desk in elementary school and handing out Lisa Frank Valentine’s greetings to all of my classmates. Single or not, Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to tell the people you love just that. And all of the red and pink hearts add a little sparkle to what can be an otherwise dreary month.  That, combined with my ongoing love affair with stationery, makes for a good excuse to deliver Valentines to all the love bugs in my life. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites below so you can spread some love next month too!


1. If you’re going to be this mushy at least be self aware enough to realize that it can be vomit inducing. This card is perfect for all of you with feelings. And a sense of humor. Check it out on Pin Wheel Print Shop’s Etsy page.

2. This card from Dark Room and Dearly is dino-mite. Yep, I went there. Perfect for all of your dinosaur-loving (read: hipster) friends and their significant others.

3. Thanks to LissaLoo Stationary for capturing my awkward internal dialogue and putting it on nice paper. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I really do like this card. Like, a lot a lot.

4. A dear friend, and fellow carb-lover, gave me this Valentine from PaperSource last year and it was perfect. Send this to that special someone that knows your bagel order as well as they know their own.

5. This Sweet Peony Press card is simple, beautiful, and straight to the point. They also have great prints if you’re looking for a little something extra for your boo thang this year.

6. I obviously had to include the “I’m donuts about you” cards from PaperSource! The best thing about these valentines, aside from their donut theme, is that they come in a set of 10 so you can send them to all of your best guys and gals.

If you’re feeling crafty, there’s really nothing like a homemade Valentine’s greeting. But if you’re feeling crafty and short on time, check out this Valentine Rocket Kit, which is too cute.

Sending lots of Valentine’s cheer your way!


Holiday Hellos

As you may have read in my Thanksgreeting post, I dream of owning a stationery store. Possibly a converted old row house in my favorite DC neighborhood with a bay window in front…

But, I digress. In the interim, I will post my would-be-store purchases on donuts&denim for your viewing pleasure. So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite holiday hellos.

Holiday Hellos

  1. Lindsey Letters had me at their tagline, “easy on the eyes, sweet on the soul.” Their cards do not disappoint, especially this Merry and Bright pink number. It’s excellent for the girly girls on your list.
  2. Floating Specks’ Esty shop is pretty great. I like so many of their cards but this Merry Everything and Happy Always card is my favorite, hands down. It works for everyone, regardless of which holiday they celebrate, and the message captures the spirit of the season.
  3. Last year, I sent these North Pole Map postcards by Rifle Paper Company to 20 lucky friends. They’re cute and quirky and the perfect way to use all of those $0.34 stamps that are burning a hole in your pocket. Sidenote: It now costs $0.34 to send a postcard.
  4. For all of our Texan readers (I’m looking at you Olivia and Lanie), you must buy these. Seriously. Go buy them now! donuts&denim has a lot of Texas connections and these were far too adorable not to include in my top five holiday hellos.
  5. And, finally, for all of the Hanukkah celebrators on your card list, I love this Warmth and Love greeting card from Cardamom Press. It’s simple and sweet and blank inside for a personal message.

And now I’m off to write Santa and ask for a ticket to next year’s National Stationery Show.



My pipe dream is to open a stationery store. Preferably with my yet-to-exist-but-already-named canine companion by my side. I would spend the days selecting the perfect greeting cards for every occasion and making my own bouquets of fresh flowers to adorn the storefront windows. Alas, it’s a pipe dream, so I happily work my nine-to-five and visit as many stationery stores as possible, picking up $7 cards by the handful. One favorite is Gus & Ruby, which Beth and I stumbled upon on an impromptu road trip that took us through Portsmouth, New Hampshire, last summer. I also occasionally get lost on Oh So Beautiful Paper for hours and hours longer than I should. So as a stationery fan with no expertise other than an extensive browsing and purchase history, I’ve selected five of my favorite Thanksgiving cards. These are perfect to accompany a hostess gift or send to a loved one that’s far away. Happy Thanksgreeting!

Thanksgiving Cards (1)

  1. This Gobble Gobble card by Rifle Paper Company is blank inside and perfect for anyone on your Thanksgiving card list.
  2. Preach, Grey Moggie Press! This card can be purchased on Etsy or at several of the District of Columbia markets that the owner of this letterpress frequents. Dates and locations can be found on her website.
  3. I think this little pilgrim and I have a lot in common. Purchase this card on Euclid Street Shop’s Etsy page.
  4. Another card, another woodland creature. You can find this and other Idlewild Co.’s creations here.
  5. You can find these simple and elegant notecards at Paper Source.  Send them to your nearest and dearest or use them for place cards at your Thanksgiving table. Include a note about why you’re grateful for each of your guests!

In somewhat related news, I’m pining over these Teepee place cards for my own Thanksgiving tablescape.